Finger Exercises

These exercises are for stringed instrument players.

For guitar, ukulele and others, the fingers of the left hand are numbered as follows:

#1= index finger #2= the middle finger #3= the ring finger #4= the little finger.

The thumb doesn’t get a number as it is behind the neck supporting the other fingers as they press the strings. While playing, keep the thumb hidden behind the neck of the instrument and the first joint of the thumb on the neck. Don’t let the instrument neck slip down into the crotch between the thumb and the index finger, as this closes the fingers too much to play well. Keep the fingers in an open circle with the thumb placed under the middle finger/finger #2.

Finger Numbers

Finger Placement on a Uke

Finger Placement Sideview

  • Hand Clapping Warm Up Clapping your hands together will warm them and stimulate blood circulation.

Hand Clapping Right Hand on Top

Hand Clapping Left Hand on Top

  • Shake It Out If your hands become tired or hurt while playing, stop and hang your arms down from the shoulders and shake your hands back and forth while relaxing completely.

Hand Release 1

Hand Release 2Hand Release 3

  • Finger Numbers Place your hands palms up in front of you and while singing or saying the finger #s, touch each finger to your thumbs. Do this in numerical order, reverse order and also random order. Watch your fingers as they touch your thumbs and keep singing.

Finger Number Exercise--Finger #1

Finger Number Exercise--Finger #2Finger Number Exercise--Finger #3Finger Number Exercise--Finger #4

  • Wrist Stretch Interlace your fingers and stretch your wrists into ‘L’ shapes while stretching the wrists each way.

Wrist Stretch with Right Arm Up

Wrist Stretch with Left Arm Up

  • Chimney Stretch Keeping the fingers interlaced, place your forearms together and make a ‘chimney’ with your #1 fingers and stretch them up tall together. Put them past each other and up again. This is a great stretch and dexterity builder. The next exercise is to interlace your fingers and put your forearms together and make a chimney with fingers #1. Put this finger down past its opposite and then stretch up again into a chimney and then down the other way, repeating several times. Do the same with fingers #2, #3 and #4. Then rest!

Chimney Stretch 1

Chimney Stretch 2Chimney Stretch 3Chimney Stretch 4William Heath in Funny Glasses--AKA "The Duke of Uke"