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Located in the Sierra Foothills on Highway 4, Murphys Music Company is a full service music store that features one of the best collections of Ukulele and Ukulele accessories on the planet.  No matter what your musical tastes are, we’d love to start you in music, it is not hard and you don’t have to be born with any type of ability or be any age to learn music or have fun playing. It is not too late. Art is not hard! If you have questions about your music or your lessons or instrument we would be happy to help you find the answer. Don’t stay stuck! At Murphys Music Company we enjoy supplying you with the instruments and supplies you need to play your best and enjoy making your music in the living room, on the back porch or in the spotlight on stage. We are interested in starting new musicians, teaching you the instrument you want to learn, helping you progress and grow, or in helping you find the right music teacher.

Call or come by and visit.  We are always happy to help.

Fantastic Collection of Ukulele


88 W Highway 4, Murphys, CA 95247 |  (209) 728-8687